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Forever Ivory Icon Bases

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Icon bases from various video games
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What Is This?
I love to look at Livejournal icons created by other people, but I'm not very good at making them myself. I wanted to join in on the icon fun, so I decided to provide bases made from various self-captured video game and movie screenshots. The types of images you find here will vary a great deal and will most likely be from more rare or obscure titles, so you might want to browse through.


Free To Edit
All icons provided here unless otherwise noted are bases, and as such, they can be edited freely. Combine them, cut them up, filter and brush them to death. Have fun!

No Direct Linking
If you would like to use a base as is, make sure you upload it to your own server or image hosting service. Direct linking sucks up bandwidth, so please don't do it. :(

No crediting is necessary. Actually, what I would really appreciate is being linked to. Since this isn't a community, advertising is kind of hard. If you want to let others know about bases here, by all means.

Steer Me In The Right Direction
Please do comment if you really like a particular base or for any other reason. I'm very new at this, so I'd like to know what people like and what they will use.

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